Museum-Technology has functioned for the undermentioned persons / organisations.

Ton Mecuur
Director, Bélvèdere Museum Heereveen

Drs. Jouetta van der Ploeg
Director, Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer

André den Hollander
Curation collaborator Collections, Instituut Collectie Nederland

Marijnke de Jong
Director, Panorama Mesdag Den Haag

Sjoerd van Faassen
Head Collections, Letterkundig Museum Den Haag

Recent projects
Letterkundig Museum Den Haag
Setting up 100 Jaar Annie M.G. Schmidt the exhibition

Letterkundig Museum Den Haag
Setting up Charlotte Mutsaers exhibition

Letterkundig Museum Den Haag
Setting up again National writer gallery

Letterkundig Museum Den Haag
Setting up again

Wereld Museum Rotterdam
Design and development of a new dismountable show-case system, a full wall showcase system and an unique Ledspot-voltrail-system.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Development of a Ledspot-voltrail-system that is specially apllied to light paintings at an extremely big distance in a curation-justified and esthetical way.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Advice, development and realization of the restoration of all mural glass show-cases, designed by Berlage. At the request of the customer the technology from 1930 to realize these showcases has been observed consciously.

Drents Museum Assen
Advice and development of sun preventing and isolating outside glass answering all curation and exhibition demands of museum presentations. This includes the preventing of sunlight, warmth and UV-radiation as well as maintaining the wished isolation value and neutral light passing. Jaap Brakke of the Drents Museum officially called this glass “Museum glass” now and it is also applied in other museums as the Herinneringskamp Westerbork.