Frans Stofregen and Rob Riksen are on the base of Museum-Technology: together they dispose of more than 40 years of experience in the development, manufacture and installation of museum presentations. One of the two has his own specialism:

Frans Stofregen is functioning in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag since 1982. In this museum he made a contribution to the development and manufacture of among other things the Mondrian glass-showcases, the restoration of the Berlage-mural-glass-showcases, stands for objects and the setting up of exhibitions.

Moreover Frans Stofregen is the inventor and developer of the Steddie Schilderij-ophangsysteem (Steddie Painting Hanging System). Frans is often asked for advice with the setting up again of museums and with the realization of exhibitions with safety and technology in front.

Rob Riksen is functioning as head of the establishment of the Dutch glass-showcase-building firm Glascom-vitrines since 1991. As leader he undertakes the designing and development of new technology for glass-showcases, climatologic and lighting systems. Under the supervision of Rob Riksen many new systems and solutions are introduced during the last years.